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U of A Pine Tree Experimental Station WDA

Zone County
635 Cross, St. Francis
2023-24 Closed Seasons
  • Alligator
  • Bear
2023-24 Crow
Sept. 1, 2023-Feb. 19, 2024. Open Thursdays through Mondays only. No limit.
2023-24 Deer
Deer Archery: Sept. 23, 2023-Feb. 29, 2024
Deer Muzzleloader (permit hunt): Oct. 21-25, 2023
Deer Modern Gun (permit hunts): Nov. 11-14, 2023 and Nov. 24-28, 2023
Deer Modern Gun Special Youth Hunts: Nov. 4-5, 2023 and Jan. 6-7, 2024
WMA Deer Bag Limit:
Three deer, no more than two bucks, which may include:

  • Two bucks with archery,
  • Three does with archery,
  • One buck and one doe with muzzleloader permit,
  • One buck and one doe with modern gun permit.
  • During youth hunt, youths may take two deer, one buck (no antler restrictions) and one doe.

Deer Notes:

  • No antler restrictions.
  • No dogs.
2023-24 Dove
Sept. 2-Oct. 22, 2023 and Dec. 8, 2023-Jan. 15, 2024
Mourning Dove and White-Winged Dove 
Daily Limit – 15, possession Limit – 45
Eurasian Collared-Dove
No daily or possession limit
Eurasian Collared Doves must remain fully feathered in the field and while being transported from the field.
Dove Notes:The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission prepares a few fields each year for the opening weekend of dove season so the public has a place to enjoy this exciting form of wingshooting.

Dove fields on WMAs are available on a first-come, first-served basis. WMA acreage put into dove fields is relatively small because most hunters only pursue doves the first few days of the season. However, after opening weekend of dove season, many wildlife species feed in the fields, particularly those that were topsown with winter wheat.

2023-24 Quail
Nov. 1, 2023-Feb. 5, 2024. Daily limit – 6, possession limit -12.
2023-24 Rabbit
Sept. 1, 2023-Feb. 29, 2024. Daily limit – 8, possession limit – 16.
2024-25 Squirrel
May 15, 2024-Feb. 28, 2025. Dogs allowed. Daily limit – 12, possession limit – 48.
2024 Turkey
Youth Hunt (permit required): April 6-7, 2024. One legal turkey.
Firearms Hunt (permit required): April 20-22, 2024. One legal turkey.
Turkey Notes: A WMA Turkey Hunt Permit is required to hunt turkeys on this WMA. Click here for details.
About the Name
The name is from the small farming community of Pine Tree, Arkansas. The WDA was established as a branch experiment station. The University of Arkansas has conducted agricultural experimentation over many years dealing with various research efforts.
Access is provided from Highway 306 either from Colt, or Hunter, Arkansas, depending upon direction of travel. Several St. Francis County roads (107 and 267) cross the management area. Field roads provide seasonal access, but can become impassable during wet periods.
The University of Arkansas received ownership in 1960 from the U.S. Soil Conservation Service.
Area Notes
  • A free annual General Use Permit (WMP) is required to hunt or trap on WMAs. Permits are available online by clicking “Buy Licenses” at or by calling 833-345-0325 or any regional office.
  • Only shotguns (.410 and larger) with slugs (no buckshot allowed) or muzzleloading rifles shooting a single projectile are allowed for use during deer modern gun and deer modern gun special youth hunt.
  • Firearms may not be discharged except in the act of hunting.
  • Camping is not allowed on the area.
No camping is allowed.
The area consists of hardwood timber intermixed with fields planted in various crops. Several beaver ponds provide habitat for wintering waterfowl and other wetland wildlife. Large tracts of pasture are established with an occasional small fishing pond providing a water source for wildlife. The area comprises about 11,850 acres of habitat – 3,940 acres in forests, 5,630 in pastures and 2,280 acres in crops.
Hunting Opportunities
The management area is regulated by permit quota hunting for deer. Small game, such as rabbits, quail, squirrels and furbearers, doves and ducks are hunted under statewide seasons.
The area is in St. Francis County about 6 miles west of Colt, Ark. State Highway 306 bisects the northern portion of the management unit.
Management Practices
Management initiatives are conducted by a cooperative effort between the AGFC and the University of Arkansas. Various wildlife management practices are implemented to enhance habitat diversity to meet various habitat needs of wildlife.
This 11,850-acre area is owned by the University of Arkansas.
The management area purpose is twofold. One is to experiment in the agricultural field as to various needs of the farming industry. Secondly is to provide under a cooperative effort with the AGFC to manage the resource for public use. The WDA is managed for all species of resident wildlife and wintering migratory species.
Recreation Other Than Hunting
Many outdoor opportunities exist on Pine Tree, including fishing, birding and hiking some of the woodland roads.
Restaurants and Other Facilities
The town of Colt, Arkansas, approximately 6 miles from Pine Tree, provides several places to enjoy a meal and a grocery store.