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Nature Trails

Discover the natural wonders of Arkansas on foot.

From bottomland hardwood forests to rugged mountains, Arkansas offers a diverse range of terrains and landscapes. Wildlife management areas and other public land are wonderful places to hike and ramble, watch wildlife and see wildflowers, and paddle bayous, lakes and streams. 

Hunting is a draw to many areas, but there is plenty of time throughout the seasons to share public land. Wear hunter orange or bright colors during hunting seasons and avoid public land during permit hunts and busy times such as the opening of modern gun deer season. 

The AGFC publishes the “Arkansas Hunting Guidebook” each year in late summer. The guidebook details information on all hunting seasons except waterfowl. The yearly “Arkansas Waterfowl Hunting Guidebook” is published in early fall. Find both guides by clicking here or pick up printed copies at an AGFC office or outdoor retailer. Click here to learn more about specific WMAs and their hunting seasons.

Nature Trails You Can Explore at Our Nature Centers

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  • Discovery Loop
    • 0.5 Mile
    • Easy Access
  • Whitetail Trail
    • 0.25 Mile
    • Lakeside Views and Birding
  • Armadillo Trail
    • 0.25 Mile
    • Primitive Trail through Bottomland Forest
  • Blue Heron Trail
    • 0.75 Mile
    • Primitive Trail with Wildlife Viewing

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  • Habitats Trail
    • 0.25 Mile
    • Boardwalk Trail
  • Craighead Forest Trail
    • 1 Mile
    • Connects to Craighead Forest Park

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  • Beaver Creek Trail
    • 0.25 Mile
    • Boardwalk Trail
  • Field and Forest Trail
    • 0.5 Mile
    • Native Plants
  • North Boundary Trail
    • 1.1 Miles
    • Wildlife Viewing
  • Oak Savannah Trail
    • 0.5 Miles
    • Open Landscape
  • Upland Trail
    • 0.5 Miles
    • Shortleaf Pine Forest
  • Wells Lake Trail
    • 0.5 Miles
    • ADA Accessible

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  • Education Trail
    • 1.5 Miles
    • Kid-Friendly Hike


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  • Woodland Edge Trail
    • 1 Mile
    • Woodland Stream Views
  • Creek Bottom Trail
    • 2 Miles
    • Catch-and-Release Fishing
  • Creek Bluff Trail
    • 0.9 Mile, One Way
    • Crooked Creek Views
  • Upland Archery Trail
    • 0.3 Mile, One Way
    • Watchable Wildlife
  • Woodland Stream Trail
    • 0.6 Mile Loop
    • Primitive Trail

Kirsten Bartlow

Watchable Wildlife Coordinator

Phone 501-382-9082