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Benton County

Kirk Dupps Beaver Lake WMA/Devil’s Eyebrow Natural Area

From the town of Garfield, travel east on US Highway 62 for 4 miles to the community of Gateway. From the junction of Highway 62 and Highway 37 at Gateway, continue east on US Highway 62 for 0.5 miles to the gate on the south side of the highway. This is the entrance to the natural area.

Quick Facts

11.8 Miles
Steep Topography
Caves and Springs
Rare Plants
Streamside Forests


Important Numbers

Benton County EMS

Benton County Sheriff’s Office

Stop Poaching Hotline


11.8 miles

This nature trail mostly follows old logging roads that meander through steep topography characterized by streambeds, ridges, and ravines. Visitors can enjoy a scenic spring that flows year round about 1.5 miles from the parking area. The varying layers of bedrock can be seen at several places along the trail. In the fall and winter Beaver Lake can be seen from the top of Trimble Mountain.

There are spur trails off the main trail: a north spur trail (0.35 mile), a middle spur trail to the top of Trimble Mountain (0.3 mile), a south spur trail to Beaver Lake (1 mile) and a loop trail (1.4 miles) around the top of Trimble Mountain.

Beaver Lake WMA covers 8,007 acres and includes Devil’s Eyebrow Natural Area at the northern end of Beaver Lake along Indian Creek and its tributaries. The terrain is rugged and steep with deep, bluff-lined hollows separated by steep ridges. Much of the area is underlain by alternating layers of chert and limestone that include caves and many springs. Plant communities are diverse and include high quality glades, woodlands, bluffs, rich hardwood forests, and riparian forests. Devil’s Eyebrow supports one of the highest concentrations of rare plant species in Arkansas with several species typically found far to the north and others that are restricted in distribution and considered globally rare.

Hunters pursue deer, bear, small game and waterfowl on the area. Furbearer trapping is permissible on the WMA. Check the current Arkansas Hunting Guidebook for details (see Beaver Lake WMA), and wear hunter orange when appropriate. Leash pets for their safety.