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Arkansas’s two native rabbit species are the eastern cottontail and the swamp rabbit.

The more common cottontails are likely to be found along overgrown fence rows, within the edges of timbered areas or densely wooded thickets, and within brush piles. The much larger-bodied swamp rabbit is also found in thicker cover but usually in association with low-lying areas such as beaver ponds or wetlands.

Rabbits may be hunted with or without a dog. However, rabbit hunting is best done with a hunting partner or partners. Having an extra set of eyes can help you spot and harvest these quick and cunning critters.

Because rabbits are prolific breeders, often producing 5-6 litters each year, and stay within the same 5-15 acres, finding one rabbit usually means others are nearby. Nearly all Arkansas Game and Fish Commission wildlife management areas are open for rabbit hunting during its season.