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Faulkner County

Camp Robinson SUA Woodlands Driving Trail

From Interstate 40, take Exit 135 at Mayflower and turn east on Arkansas Highway 89. Go 4.3 miles and turn left on Clinton Road. Go 2.5 miles and turn left on Nursery Pond Road. The information center will be on your right.

Quick Facts

4.5-mile Loop
5 Stops
Watchable Wildlife


Important Numbers

Faulkner County EMS

Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office

Camp Robinson Special Use Area

Stop Poaching Hotline


Camp Robinson SUA Woodlands Auto Tour is a 4.5-mile loop with five stops. Follow the signs and feel free to wander the hillsides.

The Camp Robinson Special Use Area (4,029 acres) is managed by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission for field trials and hunting dog training. Please check our online field trial schedule in order to choose a good time to visit the area and auto tour.  This area is open only to field trial participants during these events.
The natural force of fire is an important part of the recipe for our native wildlife and the habitats they require. The AGFC’s resource managers and conservation partners join forces to use fire for the habitat it helps provide across the state. This upland area demonstrates decades of management promoting oak and pine woodlands and savannas once common across the state. The auto tour will vary by season – plants are dormant in winter and wildflowers bloom in spring. A winter visitor may find burned areas, but healthy growth will begin each spring.

Oak, hickory and native pine forests flourish because of prescribed fire, and many native plants, including wildflowers, depend on periodic ground fires to grow. These planned ground fires reduce competition and stress among plants, and improve wildlife habitat. They also reduce the threat of catastrophic wildfires by reducing sticks and other litter in the forest.

Among the many species reported here are hard-to-find birds such as Bachman’s sparrow, black-billed cuckoo, Canada warbler, golden-winged warbler and least flycatcher. This area seems to draw more than its share of unusual hummingbirds as well: Anna’s, rufous and broad-tailed all have been reported in the vicinity.

Camping is allowed only in designated areas.

Permit hunts are available for deer. The area often has a few acres of dove fields planted each year as well. Check the current Arkansas Hunting Guidebook for hunting season dates, and wear hunter orange when appropriate.