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Arkansas is well-known for its waterfowl hunting. In fact, Stuttgart, AR is known as the Duck Capital of the World.

The state’s positioning in the Mississippi Flyway and abundant waterfowl habitat make it an ideal place for wintering ducks. Hunters from all over flock to The Natural State to enjoy this world-renowned duck hunting season.

Mallards are the most common duck species found in Arkansas as well as North America. However, there are over 24 species of ducks to be found in The Natural State. Waterfowl hunting also includes coot, Merganser and certain species of geese.

More than 100,000 waterfowl hunters each year enjoy hunting the iconic flooded timber and rice fields of Arkansas. With more than 50,000 acres of publicly accessible greentree reservoirs in wildlife management areas and a vast complex of rice farms producing wetland habitat across the state, Arkansas offers some of the best public and private hunting opportunities in the nation.

Decoy Adoption Program

Donate your old, unwanted hunting decoys to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s Decoy Adoption Program and we’ll find them new homes.

Contact us at and we’ll schedule a time to pick up any old decoys that are faded, have holes or broken keels. The decoys will be used in painting programs to teach people the different species of waterfowl in Arkansas. Some decoys will even be given to new hunters to be used in mentored hunts and youth duck hunts to help them get started.