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Like Arkansas’s natural resources, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s educational programs depend on the support of people with a passion for the natural world.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of regional conservation education efforts. They work with everything from computers and photography to trail building and canoe instruction. Everyone has something to contribute to the outdoors, and we encourage people from all walks of life to participate.

Volunteerism benefits our facilities and our visitors, but there’s no feeling quite like sharing your passion for the outdoor world with a newcomer. Your time and enthusiasm are not only among the least-expensive ways to help, they’re the greatest and most appreciated donations you can give.

Become an AGFC Volunteer

Students in the class of 2027 and beyond are now required to complete community service to earn a high school diploma in Arkansas. (ACT 237 of 2023, pages 38-39).

This law includes that students earn 15 hours of community service in 9th grade, and 20 hours each year for grades 10, 11, and 12 equal to 75 hours of service required for graduation.

School administrators are invited to complete the form below to become endorsed with AGFC for youth volunteer opportunities to fulfill the required hours.

AGFC will provide multiple organized youth volunteer opportunities for students and schools in all regions around the state. These will be updated here:

Register your School District to be an Endorsement for Youth Volunteer Opportunities

Leah Hughes

Volunteer Program Coordinator

Phone 501-297-9519