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2021 Public Dove Fields

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission prepares a few fields each year for the opening weekend of dove season so the public has a place to enjoy this exciting form of wingshooting.

Dove fields on WMAs are available on a first-come, first-served basis. WMA acreage put into dove fields is relatively small because most hunters only pursue doves the first few days of the season. However, after opening weekend of dove season, many wildlife species feed in the fields, particularly those that were topsown with winter wheat.

2021-22 Arkansas Early Migratory Bird Seasons

Public Dove Fields Available for 2021
WMA County Acres of Dove Fields Forage Type
Big Lake WMA Mississippi 5 acres | Map Sunflowers, Millet
Cache River NWR *Nontoxic shot only. Requires a signed free permit. 
Download Permit
Woodruff 40 acres | Map Sunflowers
Camp Robinson SUA Faulkner 36 acres | Map Sunflowers, Wheat
Dardanelle WMA Johnson 15 acres | Map Wheat
Dave Donaldson Black River WMA Clay, Greene, Randolph 22 acres | Map Sunflowers, Wheat
Ed Gordon Point Remove WMA Conway 63 acres | Map Buckwheat, Millet, Wheat
Fort Chaffee WMA
Persons entering Fort Chaffee WMA must attend a Sportsman’s Orientation class and comply with post regulations. Class schedule and locations are available by calling 479-484-3596, ext 2. Consumptive users must purchase a biennial sportsman’s permit ($20) while nonconsumptive or recreational users are required to have a biennial recreational permit ($5 charge). Both are available at the class. Renewals or replacements are available Tuesdays and Thursdays from the Environmental Office from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Crawford, Franklin,
Logan, Sebastian
28 acres | Map Wheat
​Freddie Black Choctaw Island WMA​ Desha 32 acres | Map Wheat
Frog Bayou WMA Crawford 22 acres | Map Millet, Wheat
Galla Creek WMA Pope 44 acres | Map Wheat
George H. Dunklin Jr. Bayou Meto WMA Arkansas, Jefferson 32 acres | Map Wheat
Hope Upland WMA
*Dove hunting allowed only on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday
Hempstead 55 acres | Map Wheat
J. Perry Mikles Blue Mountain SUA Logan 4 acres | Map Wheat
Nimrod Lloyd Millwood WMA Yell 30 acres | Map Millet, Sorghum
Ozark Lake WMA Crawford 17 acres | Map Wheat
Petit Jean River WMA Yell 30 acres | Map Millet, Sorghum
Poison Springs WMA Nevada, Ouachita 30 acres | Map Wheat
Rick Evans Grandview Prairie WMA
*Dove hunting allowed only on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday
Hempstead 80 acres | Map Wheat
Shirey Bay Rainey Brake WMA Lawrence 38 acres | Map Sunflowers, Wheat
St. Francis Sunken Lands WMA Craighead 10 acres | Map Sunflowers
Trusten Holder WMA Desha 4 acres | Map Wheat
UofA Pine Tree Experimental Station WDA St. Francis 80 acres | Map Wheat
Wedington WMA Benton, Washington 32 acres | Map Millet, Wheat