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Weather-resistant license option available

BY Randy Zellers

ON 09-20-2017


Sept. 20, 2017

Randy Zellers

Assistant Chief of Communications

Hunters and anglers wanting a more durable option to carry their license may now purchase an upgrade to receive an official weather-resistant license through all license vendors and license purchasing options.

The upgrade to the more durable card costs an additional $3, which covers the cost of producing, sorting and mailing the licenses. Hunters and anglers still will receive a paper license as well as the option of having their license emailed to them to store on a digital device or smartphone at the time of purchase. The durable, wallet-sized license will arrive by mail approximately three weeks after purchase. 

“The hard card upgrade has been in the works for the license system from the beginning, but the implementation of the new license system was our main priority before we offered any enhancements, such as the hard card,” said AGFC Chief Information Officer Tony Davis. “Through the upgrade and the new system, we are trying to offer people as many options as possible to buy and carry their license.”

Davis says this year’s plastic license will be printed with the customer’s current license purchases and expiration dates, but another, more permanent option that will automatically be linked to the individual’s license system purchases is in the works for the future.

To purchase the upgrade, you may visit any license vendor, AGFC regional office, AGFC nature center, or you may buy your license over the phone at 501-223-6349. You may also purchase your license upgrade through the AGFC’s website at the following link.

Upgrade Your License Today

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