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Little Red River Nimmo Access ramp renovation delayed

BY Randy Zellers

ON 10-13-2021


Oct. 13, 2021

Randy Zellers

Assistant Chief of Communications

SEARCY — The boat ramp at the Nimmo Access on the Little Red River was scheduled to be replaced in the coming weeks.  However, due to ongoing work across the river on Mallard Pond Road at Hurricane WMA, the Nimmo Access ramp project will be postponed until further notice.

With the current construction to improve drainage from Henry Gray Hurricane Lake WMA, Mallard Pond Road is impassable. A concurrent construction across the Little Red River, where the Nimmo Access is located, would have cut off access to several property owners. Because the work has already begun on Mallard Pond Road, construction at Nimmo will be delayed until that work is complete.

AGFC biologists and engineers are hopeful that weather and river level conditions will be conducive to both projects being completed in a timely manner. Higher than normal water levels during the last few years caused by excessive rainfall in the watershed above and below the White River have plagued this area, causing many issues with flooding and preventing construction to repair or replace critical infrastructure to the area. The Nimmo Access construction originally was approved by the AGFC in 2019 using Marine Fuel Tax funds as part of a large group of 15 projects totalling $538,900.

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