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Greers Ferry walleye regulation changed to 14-inch length limit

BY Jim Harris

ON 02-03-2021


Feb. 3, 2021

Jim Harris

Managing Editor Arkansas Wildlife Magazine

HEBER SPRINGS – A new regulation designed to better manage the walleye population on Greers Ferry Lake and its tributaries was put in place beginning Jan. 1.

The regulation on the walleye population was changed for Greers Ferry Lake and tributaries from a 20- to 28-inch slot limit to a 14-inch minimum length limit. 

There is a contradiction with the new regulation in the 2021 Arkansas Fishing Guidebook. The change was reflected in the newest guidebook under “New This Year” on Page 7 and in the “Regulations for Arkansas Lakes” section on pages 63-65, but was not updated in the “Regulations for Flowing Waters” section on Page 75.

The new regulation requires that all caught walleye that measure less than 14 inches in length be released immediately. The 14-inch minimum length limit is in effect for the lake and all of its tributaries, including the South Fork, Archey Fork, Middle Fork and Devil’s Fork of the Little Red River. The daily limit for walleye remains six.

For any questions, please call the AGFC district office in Mayflower at 877-470-3309.

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