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Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact

The Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact is an agreement to recognize the suspension of hunting, fishing and trapping licenses among member states.

Any person who has had their hunting, fishing or trapping privileges or rights suspended in a member state may also have them suspended in Arkansas. Also, if your hunting, fishing or trapping rights are suspended in Arkansas, they may be suspended throughout other member states as well.

The Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact also establishes a process whereby wildlife law violations by a non-resident from a member state are handled as if the person were a resident, meaning they can be served a ticket rather than being arrested and taken to jail immediately to post a cash bond.

If a non-resident sportsman is issued a wildlife citation and fails to comply with the citation or appear in court, the AGFC will notify their home state of a failure to comply. The home state may then suspend that person’s resident hunting or fishing license. Once the sportsman complies with the Arkansas violation, their home state again will be notified and their resident license may be reinstated.

For information about the compact or to check your hunting eligibility in Arkansas, contact the Interstate Wildlife Violation Compact Coordinator at 501-223-6445.