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Camp Robinson WMA

Zone: 110

Counties: Faulkner, Pulaski

2019-20 Crow

Sept. 1, 2019-Feb. 21, 2020. Open Thursdays through Mondays. No limit.

2019-20 Deer

Deer Archery: Sept. 28, 2019-Feb. 29, 2020.
Deer Muzzleloader (permit hunt): Nov. 23-24, 2019.
Deer Modern Gun (permit hunt): Nov. 28-29 and Nov. 30-Dec. 1, 2019. Special firearms restrictions, see Notes below.
Deer Modern Gun Youth hunt: Oct. 5-6, 2019. Special firearms restrictions, see Notes below.
WMA Deer Bag Limit: Four deer, no more than one buck, which may include:

  • One buck with archery,
  • Four does with archery,
  • One legal buck and one doe with muzzleloader permit;
  • One legal buck and one doe with modern gun permit.
  • During youth hunt, youths may take two deer, one buck (no antler restrictions) and one doe.

Deer Notes:

  • A WMA Deer Hunt Permit is required to hunt deer with firearms on this WMA. Click here for details.
  • Weapons during the modern gun permit hunt are restricted to shotguns, muzzleloaders and archery equipment only.
  • Three-point rule.
  • No dogs.
2019-20 Quail

Nov. 1, 2019-Feb. 3, 2020. Daily limit - 6, possession limit -12. Bird dogs allowed.

2019-20 Rabbit

Sept. 1, 2019-Feb. 29, 2020. Daily limit - 8, possession limit - 16. Dogs allowed except during firearms deer hunts.

2019-20 Squirrel

Sept. 1, 2019-Feb. 29, 2020. Dogs allowed except during firearms deer hunts. Daily limit - 12, possession limit - 48.

2019-20 Waterfowl
  • Click here for statewide waterfowl dates and limits
  • Nonresidents need a Nonresident Wildlife Management Area Waterfowl Hunting Permit to hunt waterfowl.
  • Waterfowl hunters may not possess shot shells containing shot larger than No. 2 and may possess no more than 15 shells unless hunters are in camping, parking or boat launching areas or during Special Youth Waterfowl Hunt.
  • See Area Notes for Access Regulations
2019 Bear

Bear Archery: Sept. 28-Nov. 30, 2019. 

Bear Notes:

2019 Turkey

Includes Bell Slough WMA
Firearms Hunt (permit required):
April 8-10, April 15-17, and April 22-24, 2019. One bearded turkey, no jakes (youths may take one jake as part of their two-bird seasonal limit).

Turkey Notes: 

  • Everyone 16 and older must have a free WMA General Use Permit to hunt or trap on any WMA.
  • Weapons are restricted to archery, shotgun and
    muzzleloader only.
  • In addition to WMA Use Permits and drawn permits for deer and turkey, all hunters are required to purchase and present a sportsman's pass and sign in/out at the Main Gate Visitor Center. Sportsman's passes are available seven days a week (excluding hoidays) from 7 a.m.-7p.m. at the Post Headquarters, which will require a valid Drivers License, vehicle registration, prood fo insurance and a background check at least 3 to 5 days prior, each time they enter. Please contact the Lodging at 501-212-5274, the Department of Public Safety at 501-212-5280 or visit for additional information.
  • Vehicular access is limited to designated improved surface roads.
  • Military Department activities take precedence over recreational activities and may cause changes to access requirements, dates and available training areas without notice.
  • Trapping of any kind is prohibited. 
  • Fox, Bobcat and Coyote may be taken during daylight hours with firearms of any caliber during bobcat, fox and coyote seasons.
  • Hunters gaining access to Grassy Lake from Bell Slough are not required to have a sportsman's pass but must stay in or on the water.
  • No boats allowed from 1 p.m.-4 a.m., Nov. 23-Jan. 31.
    • Exception - Boats allowed from 1 p.m.until 6:30 p.m., Dec. 7, Jan. 29-31 and Feb. 8.
  • Closed to all access (except in designated campsites, parking areas, boat launch ramps and boat staging areas) from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m., Nov. 23-Jan. 31 and Feb. 8.

9,319 acres owned by the National Guard



Policy No. 20190717, Recreational Use Policy

a. In accordance with Command Policy No. 2015- 10-08 Civilian Weapons Possession and Camp Joseph T. Robinson Maneuver Training Center and Command Policy No. 2015-10-13 Civilian Access Requirements, all civilian personnel accessing RMTC for recreational use will be required to apply for a Recreational Pass Effective immediately, the Sportsman Membership Card will be referred to as the Recreational Pass. Background checks (ACIC) will be conducted on ALL civilian personnel applying for a Recreational Pass regardless of status. Recreational Passes are valid for 90 days. Once the 90 days have expired, the individual will once again have to submit for a background check (ACIC) in order to renew the pass for an additional 90 days.

b. Recreational Passes will not be issued as a result of the following:

(1) Possession of an active warrant.
(2) Possession of an un-expunged or unpardoned felony conviction ever.
(3) Registered sex offender in any state, the District of Columbia or any U.S. territory.
(4) Conviction of a misdemeanor or a felony crime of domestic violence.

c. A valid ID, vehicle registration and proof of insurance are required for a Recreational Pass. Random additional inspections may be imposed at any time.

d. Personnel can apply for and receive Recreational Passes two days a week (Monday and Thursday) 8:00 am - 11:00 am and 12:00 pm -3:00 pm, at the RMTC Visitors Center.

e. Effective August 1, 2019, only 800 Recreational Passes will be issued for each year on a first come, first served basis.

f. All previous Sportsman Passes issued prior to August 1, 2019 will remain in effect until the expiration date. Once the Sportsman Pass has expired, the new Recreational Pass Policy will be in effect.

g. The Recreational Pass and a Hold Harmless Release is required for all hunting, fishing, biking or other recreational activities.

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