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Arkansas Waterfowl Rice Incentive Conservation Enhancement (WRICE)
Arkansas Waterfowl Rice Incentive Conservation Enhancement Program

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Map of Available WRICE FieldsMap of Available WRICE Fields


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The Arkansas Waterfowl Rice Incentive Conservation Enhancement (WRICE) program was developed by AGFC biologists to help keep waste rice available for ducks, geese and other migrating birds when they pass through each winter. It has recently been expanded to allow weekend permitted public waterfowl hunting opportunities on participating rice fields. Farmers may still operate and harvest their rice fields as normal, but can receive added income by leaving stubble and flooding fields during waterfowl migration, and allowing permitted public hunting opportunities.

Fall tillage is becoming increasingly popular with Arkansas rice growers, but the practice isn’t beneficial for the numerous migrating birds looking to find fuel they need. This tilling buries waste rice that would have been available to migrating waterfowl. Flooded rice fields are estimated to provide 11 percent of all food energy in the Mississippi Delta for ducks like mallards and pintails, and that percentage has dwindled with advances in agriculture.

Additionally, the program has expanded to include an opportunity for landowners who have Wetland Reserve Easements on their property. This new portion of the program will pay landowners $50/acre to allow public access to their currently enrolled WRICE properties for hunting and wildlife-viewing throughout the year.  

  • Clay County

    Peach Orchard A

    2022 Clay Co. - Peach Orchard A.png
    Avenza_2022 Clay Co. - Peach Orchard A.png

    Peach Orchard B

    2022 Clay Co. - Peach Orchard B.png
    Avenza_2022 Clay Co. - Peach Orchard B.png

    Peach Orchard C

    2022 Clay Co. - Peach Orchard C.png
    Avenza_2022 Clay Co. - Peach Orchard C.png
  • Craighead County

    Cash A

    2022 Craighead Co. - Cash A.png
    Avenza_2022 Craighead Co. - Cash A.png
  • Drew County
    2022 Drew Co. - Baxter.png
    Avenza_2022 Drew Co. - Baxter.png
    Maxwell A
    2022 Drew Co. - Maxwell A.png
    Avenza_2022 Drew Co. - Maxwell A.png
    Maxwell B
    2022 Drew Co. - Maxwell B.png
    Avenza_2022 Drew Co. - Maxwell B.png
  • Faulkner County

    Lollie A

    2022 Faulkner Co. - Lollie A.png
    Avenza_2022 Faulkner Co. - Lollie A.png
  • Franklin County


    2022 Franklin Co. - Alix.png
    Avenza_2022 Franklin Co. - Alix.png
  • Greene County

    Pocahontas A

    2022 Greene Co.  - Pocahontas A.png
    Avenza_2022 Greene Co.  - Pocahontas A.png

    Pocahontas B

    2022 Greene Co.  - Pocahontas B.png
    Avenza_2022 Greene Co.  - Pocahontas B.png

    Delaplane A

    2022 Greene Co. - Delaplane A.png
    Avenza_2022 Greene Co. - Delaplane A.png

    Delaplane B

    2022 Greene Co. - Delaplane B.png
    Avenza_2022 Greene Co. - Delaplane B.png

    Delaplane C

    2022 Greene Co. - Delaplane C.png
    Avenza_2022 Greene Co. - Delaplane C.png

    Evening Star A

    2022 Greene Co. - Evening Star A.png
    Avenza_2022 Greene Co. - Evening Star A.png

    Evening Star B

    2022 Greene Co. - Evening Star B.png
    Avenza_2022 Greene Co. - Evening Star B.png

    Evening Star C

    2022 Greene Co. - Evening Star C.png
    Avenza_2022 Greene Co. - Evening Star C.png
  • Jefferson County


    2022 Jefferson Co. - Altheimer.png
    Avenza_2022 Jefferson Co. - Altheimer.png

    Humphery A

    2022 Jefferson Co. - Humphery A.png
    Avenza_2022 Jefferson Co. - Humphery A.png

    Humphery B

    2022 Jefferson Co. - Humphery B.png
    Avenza_2022 Jefferson Co. - Humphery B.png


    2022 Jefferson Co. - Longbell.png
    Avenza_2022 Jefferson Co. - Longbell.png

    Wabbaseka A

    2022 Jefferson Co. - Wabbaseka A.png
    Avenza_2022 Jefferson Co. - Wabbaseka A.png

    Wabbaseka B

    2022 Jefferson Co. - Wabbaseka B.png
    Avenza_2022 Jefferson Co. - Wabbaseka B.png

    Wabbaseka C

    2022 Jefferson Co. - Wabbaseka C.png
    Avenza_2022 Jefferson Co. - Wabbaseka C.png

    Wabbaseka D

    2022 Jefferson Co. - Wabbaseka D.png
    Avenza_2022 Jefferson Co. - Wabbaseka D.png

    Wabbaseka E

    2022 Jefferson Co. - Wabbaseka E.png
    Avenza_2022 Jefferson Co. - Wabbaseka E.png

    Wabbaseka F

    2022 Jefferson Co. - Wabbaseka F.png
    Avenza_2022 Jefferson Co. - Wabbaseka F.png
  • Lawrence County

    Powhatan A

    2022 Lawrence Co. - Powhatan A.png
    Avenza_2022 Lawrence Co. - Powhatan A.png

    Powhatan B

    2022 Lawrence Co. - Powhatan B.png
    Avenza_2022 Lawrence Co. - Powhatan B.png


    2022 Lawrence Co. - Saffell.png
    Avenza_2022 Lawrence Co. - Saffell.png
  • Monroe County

    Blackton A

    2022 Monroe Co. - Blackton A.png
    Avenza_2022 Monroe Co. - Blackton A.png

    Blackton B

    2022 Monroe Co. - Blackton B.png
    Avenza_2022 Monroe Co. - Blackton B.png

    Blackton C

    2022 Monroe Co. - Blackton C.png
    Avenza_2022 Monroe Co. - Blackton C.png

    Blackton D

    2022 Monroe Co. - Blackton D.png
    Avenza_2022 Monroe Co. - Blackton D.png

    Blackton E

    2022 Monroe Co. - Blackton E.png
    Avenza_2022 Monroe Co. - Blackton E.png

    Blackton F

    2022 Monroe Co. - Blackton F.png
    Avenza_2022 Monroe Co. - Blackton F.png

    Greenlee A

    2022 Monroe Co. - Greenlee A.png
    Avenza_2022 Monroe Co. - Greenlee A.png

    Greenlee C

    2022 Monroe Co. - Greenlee C.png
    Avenza_2022 Monroe Co. - Greenlee C.png

    Greenlee D

    2022 Monroe Co. - Greenlee D.png
    Avenza_2022 Monroe Co. - Greenlee D.png

    Greenlee E

    2022 Monroe Co. - Greenlee E.png
    Avenza_2022 Monroe Co. - Greenlee E.png

    Greenlee F

    2022 Monroe Co. - Greenlee F.png
    Avenza_2022 Monroe Co. - Greenlee F.png

    Greenlee G

    2022 Monroe Co. - Greenlee G.png
    Avenza_2022 Monroe Co. - Greenlee G.png

    Greenlee H

    2022 Monroe Co. - Greenlee H.png
    Avenza_2022 Monroe Co. - Greenlee H.png

    Greenlee I

    2022 Monroe Co. - Greenlee I.png
    Avenza_2022 Monroe Co. - Greenlee I.png

    Keevil A

    2022 Monroe Co. - Keevil A.png
    Avenza_2022 Monroe Co. - Keevil A.png

    Keevil B

    2022 Monroe Co. - Keevil B.png
    Avenza_2022 Monroe Co. - Keevil B.png

    Keevil C

    2022 Monroe Co. - Keevil C.png
    Avenza_2022 Monroe Co. - Keevil C.png

    Keevil D

    2022 Monroe Co. - Keevil D.png
    Avenza_2022 Monroe Co. - Keevil D.png

    Keevil E

    2022 Monroe Co. - Keevil E.png
    Avenza_2022 Monroe Co. - Keevil E.png

    Nash A

    2022 Monroe Co. - Nash A.png
    Avenza_2022 Monroe Co. - Nash A.png

    Nash B

    2022 Monroe Co. - Nash B.png
    Avenza_2022 Monroe Co. - Nash B.png

    Nash C

    2022 Monroe Co. - Nash C.png
    Avenza_2022 Monroe Co. - Nash C.png

    Nash D

    2022 Monroe Co. - Nash D.png
    Avenza_2022 Monroe Co. - Nash D.png
  • Poinsett County

    Waldenburg A

    2022 Poinsett Co. - Waldenburg A.png
    Avenza_2022 Poinsett Co. - Waldenburg A.png

    Waldenburg B

    2022 Poinsett Co. - Waldenburg B.png
    Avenza_2022 Poinsett Co. - Waldenburg B.png

    Waldenburg C

    2022 Poinsett Co. - Waldenburg C.png
    Avenza_2022 Poinsett Co. - Waldenburg C.png

    Waldenburg D

    2022 Poinsett Co. - Waldenburg D.png
    Avenza_2022 Poinsett Co. - Waldenburg D.png

    Waldenburg E

    2022 Poinsett Co. - Waldenburg E.png
    Avenza_2022 Poinsett Co. - Waldenburg E.png

    Waldenburg F

    2022 Poinsett Co. - Waldenburg F.png
    Avenza_2022 Poinsett Co. - Waldenburg F.png

    Weiner A

    2022 Poinsett Co. - Weiner A.png
    Avenza_2022 Poinsett Co. - Weiner A.png
  • Prairie County

    Slovak A

    2022 Prairie Co. - Slovak A.png
    Avenza_2022 Prairie Co. - Slovak A.png

    Slovak B

    2022 Prairie Co. - Slovak B.png
    Avenza_2022 Prairie Co. - Slovak B.png

    Slovak C

    2022 Prairie Co. - Slovak C.png
    Avenza_2022 Prairie Co. - Slovak C.png

    Slovak D

    2022 Prairie Co. - Slovak D.png
    Avenza_2022 Prairie Co. - Slovak D.png

    Slovak E

    2022 Prairie Co. - Slovak E.png
    Avenza_2022 Prairie Co. - Slovak E.png

    Slovak F

    2022 Prairie Co. - Slovak F.png
    Avenza_2022 Prairie Co. - Slovak F.png
  • St. Francis County

    Wheatley A

    2022 St. Francis Co. - Wheatley A.png
    Avenza_2022 St. Francis Co. - Wheatley A.png

    Wheatley B

    2022 St. Francis Co. - Wheatley B.png
    Avenza_2022 St. Francis Co. - Wheatley B.png

    Wheatley C

    2022 St. Francis Co. - Wheatley C.png
    Avenza_2022 St. Francis Co. - Wheatley C.png
  • White County

    Georgetown A

    2022 White Co. - Georgetown A.png
    Avenza_2022 White Co. - Georgetown A.png

    Georgetown B

    2022 White Co. - Georgetown B.png
    Avenza_2022 White Co. - Georgetown B.png
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