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Private Lands Program

These specialized biologists can provide a written wildlife management plan along with current aerial photos identifying where wildlife practices are recommended for installation. There are many state and federal agencies along with several private organizations that offer financial assistance to landowners to improve their lands for high-priority wildlife species. These programs offer incentive or easement payments, cost-share payments and other financial assistance to assist landowners in the establishment or enhancement of habitat. Private lands biologists are well versed in private lands programs and can direct landowners to appropriate programs for assistance. 

Private Lands Biologist Map

Private Lands Biologist Map






Statewide Private Lands Supervisor



East Central

North Central


Blake Massey
600 B East Lawson Road
Jonesboro, AR 72404


South Central

  • Vacant
    500 Ben Lane
    Camden, AR 71701


South Private Lands Supervisor


Arkansas Private Lands Programs Available for Wildlife Habitat Improvement/Establishment




West Central

North Private Lands Supervisor