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March 1, 2023

LITTLE ROCK — Just about every Arkansan grew up with at least one friend who dreamed of being a wildlife officer for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. Trey Reid, host of the AGFC’s Arkansas Wildlife television show and podcast joins AGFC Director Austin Booth to welcome two of the AGFC’s men in green. The group covers everything from the many paths that lead to a successful career in wildlife law enforcement to some fun tales from their days in the field. If you’ve never heard the expression “slicker than a buttered skunk,” you don’t want to miss this podcast.

Click here to watch on the AGFC’s YouTube channel, or download the podcast through your favorite podcasting platform here.



From left to right: Arkansas Wildlife Podcast Host Trey Reid, AGFC Director Austin Booth, Sgt. Brady Baker and Lt. Tracey Blake have in-depth conversation about the lives of wildlife officers in The Natural State.