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April 5, 2021

Keith Stephens Chief of Communications

You are hereby notified that Commissioners of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission will meet on the following date and times to consider any business that may be brought before the Commission. Unless otherwise stated, meetings will be held at the AGFC offices, 2 Natural Resources Dr. in Little Rock.

Tuesday, April 6

The commission meeting is being held virtually in the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce building, 1200 W. Capitol Ave. in Little Rock. The meeting will be available via video and will be live-streamed. The majority of the meeting will be held in executive session to interview candidates for the AGFC director’s position. A link to the opening of the meeting may be found at Call to Order. A link to the resumption of the open portion of the meeting (following the executive session) may be found at Reconvene. The meeting will be archived on the AGFC’s YouTube channel. 

8 a.m. Call to order and new director interview prep
8:15 a.m. Executive session to interview director candidates
3 p.m. Reconvene