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Daily Limits

Many lakes, rivers and streams have unique length limits and daily creel limits for certain species. If the body of water you're looking for does not have a special limit listed in the Where to Fish section of this website, please use the following table for daily creel limits.

Species Daily Limit Additional Information
Alligator Gar 1 No alligator gar greater than 36 inches may be taken from noon, May 1-noon, July 1, statewide. A permit is required, which is available at regional offices.
Black Bass 10 Largemouth, spotted, smallmouth combined. 
Smallmouth Bass 4 Length limit in Ozark zone is 12 inches long; otherwise, length limit is 10 inches long. See Map of Ozark Zone.
Rock Bass 10 Rock bass, Ozark bass and shadow bass, combined
Bream 50 Bluegill, redear, longear, warmouth and other sunfishes combined. No daily limit on bream shorter than 4 inches.
Catfish 10 Channel catfish, blue catfish and flathead catfish, combined. No daily limit on bullhead catfish.
Crappie 30 Black crappie and white crappie, combined.
Paddlefish 2  
Pickerel 6  
Sauger 6  
Saugeye 6  
Shovelnose Sturgeon No limit Length limit is 21 inches or longer; harvest restricted between the main levees of the Mississippi River.
Striped Bass 6 Hybrid stripers and striped bass combined.
Trout 5 Rainbow trout, brown trout, cutthroat trout and brook trout, combined. 
Walleye 6  
White Bass 25  
Yellow Bass No limit  
Limit Amount Definition
Daily Limit   The total limit of a certain fish species that may be taken in one day.
Possession Limit Double Daily Limit The maximum number of a certain fish species allowed in a person's possession at any time, whether on their person or stored in another location. Fish that have been processed and are stored at a person's legal residence do not count toward their possession limit.
Snagging Limit Half Daily Limit  
Spearfishing Limit Half Daily Limit