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Learn to Fish

Fishing is a fantastic outdoor activity with a universal appeal, capturing the hearts of people from all walks of life and spanning generations. Fishing is not only a wholesome and enjoyable family activity but also promotes physical and mental well-being through outdoor engagement and relaxation. These are the founding principles on which the Fishing Education Program was founded in 1987. Expanding on the Fishing Derby program and adding Mobile Aquariums, Fishing Skills Classes, and Tackle Loaner locations in the following years, this program has impacted thousands of Arkansans on their path to love and respect for our waters.

Later additions like the Family and Community Fishing Program, which provides quality fishing locations in cities around the state, and Fishing in the Natural State, which focuses on providing educators with curriculum and equipment, have added new and exciting opportunities to expand fishing into new audiences. Programs like Master Angler and the Arkansas Grand Slam bring in the challenging or sometimes competitive aspect that drives anglers to deepen and grow their fish skills.

The Fishing Education team extends its services to even the most seasoned anglers who may be looking to venture into new fishing territories. The Fishing Education team travels to various locations within the state to share their experiences and help individuals broaden their knowledge and skills. Whether learning about the best bait to use, understanding fish behavior, or mastering the art of casting, the team provides invaluable insights and hands-on instruction to enhance the angling experience.

Fishing Classes

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