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Violation Points

A person convicted of violating an AGFC hunting, fishing or boating violation or a federal wildlife regulation in Arkansas may be assessed violation points in addition to other fines and penalties. Arkansas residents convicted of wildlife violations in another state that is a member of the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact also may receive violation points on their Arkansas record.

Point values will be assessed as follows:

Class of Offense Points
Class 1 06
Class 2 12
Class 3 18
Class 4 30
Class 5 99
Visit the AGFC Code of Regulations for penalty classifications.

If, during any three-year period, a person accumulates 12 or more violation points, they will be ineligible to participate in any permit hunts conducted by the AGFC.

If, during any five-year period, a person accumulates 18 or more violation points, they may have their hunting and fishing rights suspended in Arkansas.

License suspension terms are as follows:

Points Accumulated in Five Years Hunting and Fishing License Suspension
18-29 1 year suspension
30-36 2 years suspension
37-75 3 years suspension
76+ 5 years suspension
99 (resulting from Class 5 offense) Lifetime revocation of hunting and fishing rights

If a person has their Arkansas hunting or fishing license suspended three times, they may receive a lifetime revocation of all hunting and fishing rights.