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AGFC Mobile App How-To

Download the new AGFC Mobile App by clicking the button below for your mobile phone version

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How-to Set Up Your Account

Thank you for downloading AGFC’s new mobile app. Use the instructions below to create an account and get started using the new app.

Start by opening the app where you will see “Start By Looking Up Your Account” at the top of the screen.

Start By Looking Up Your Account


Click the “Sign In” button.

Sign In


On the User Sign-In page, you will see two sections: “New Account” and “Sign-in to Account”. Click the “Find/Create Account” button under the “New Account” section.

Find/Create Account


This will take you to the “Registration Type” page. Now you just have to answer one simple question… Have you ever purchased an Arkansas fishing or hunting license before? Click the drop down menu and select “Yes, I have purchased a license in the past” or “No, I am a new customer making my first license purchase in Arkansas”.

Account Registration


If you select “No”, you will be prompted to create a new account by entering your information.

Account Registration Account Registration


If you select “Yes”, you will be prompted to choose which method you would like to use to retrieve your customer profile. You can choose to search using your Customer ID Number, your Driver's License Number, or your Email Address.

Enter your information for the registration type of your choice and then click “Profile Search.”

An Account Registration form will appear. Complete the form to set up your new account. You will be asked to create a username and password for your new account. When the form is complete, press the “+ Create Account” button.

You’ll be brought back to the Sign-In screen; enter your newly created username and password, and press the “Sign In” button.

A pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm your user information. Press the “Confirm” button if the customer information shown matches yours. If the customer shown is not you, press the “No” button to search again.

Once you have confirmed the identification information shown, you will be signed in to the new app and be brought back to the app’s home screen.

If you would like to make license purchases in the app or set up auto-renewal of your licenses, you can do that in your user profile at the top of the screen (the purple circle with your initials in it) once you’re signed in. Welcome to the new AGFC mobile app!


How-to Check Game


Click to watch a video with these steps  

This video is to help you check game using the AGFC mobile app. The game check process has never been easier, allowing you to report your harvest and move on to the next steps of your hunt!

To begin, download and open the new AGFC mobile app, and login to your customer account. If you have not created your account, you can visit the AGFC website for instructions on how to download and migrate your account information.

On the home screen of the app, you’ll see the Licenses & Game Check button with a number affixed to it. That number indicates how many open game check tags you have. We’ll demonstrate how to fill one of these tags now.

To start, click on the Licenses & Game Check button - this will take you to a screen showing the different permits, licenses and tags valid for this hunting season. Any tag, permit or license that is valid will have an indicator next to the product in the list informing you that you can check game against that product or tag.

We’ll select an open tag to submit a game check for our hunter.

If you log in and do not see the option to check game yet, that may be because the season has not started for that specific permit or license. Not to worry though, because at the start of the season, you’ll be able to check game that is legal to harvest in that season.

For demonstration purposes, in this example we’ll submit a game check for a harvested white-tailed deer. Click the green Game Check button to get started.

To begin, you should select the date of harvest.

After that, fill out the rest of the data for your harvest. Include county, WMA/Zone, weapon used, and other biological information on the harvested animal. When checking a deer, you’ll need to report sex and antler points. Game check reports for other species may ask for other information, depending on species.

Carefully review your game check report and ensure that all of the data is correct because once you submit it, you can not make any changes. To submit, press Next, then Save.

After you have submitted the game check, you will receive a confirmation number immediately if you are connected to service or internet. Record this number on your harvest. You will also receive an email as well as a message in your app inbox confirming that your harvest was recorded.

Now, if you are in the field and are not connected to service or internet connection, you’ll still be able to check game. Go through the game check process entering the appropriate information while in the field and select Save. You’ll receive a notice on your screen that states your submission is pending upon validation. When your device returns to service or internet connection, you should Sync your app by selecting this button. That will trigger the validation of your report, and you should receive your confirmation at that time. Again, you should receive a notification via email and in your app inbox at this point as well.

If you look in your licenses and permits, you’ll see that the tag we just reported a harvest for is now listed under submitted reports. You can view your previous harvest reports at any time during the season on the game check screen.

It is that simple. You’ve successfully submitted a game check on the new AGFC mobile application.

Thanks for using the new app to check your game and for supporting conservation in The Natural State. Good luck hunting this season!