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WMA Deer Hunt Permits

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) offer some of the best public hunting opportunity in the United States. To prevent overcrowding on popular WMAs, the AGFC limits some hunting opportunities through a permit draw system. Lowering hunter numbers not only regulates harvest, it offers a better hunting experience for the hunters who draw the tags.

2023-24 Deer Permit Draw Odds

*If a permit is not listed, then it is a new permit for the 2024-25 deer season, therefore no draw odds exist for that hunt.

2024-25 WMA Deer Hunt Permit Schedule

June 1

Application period begins at 8 a.m.

July 1

Application deadline at 11:59 p.m.

Applying for a WMA Deer Hunt Permit

  • Applications must be submitted online by the application deadline to be eligible.
  • Each person may submit one application for each type of permit hunt (youth deer, archery deer, alternative firearms deer, modern gun deer).
  • Youth hunters must be at least 6 years old, but no older than 15, the day the hunt begins.
  • Youth-only hunt applicants must create a profile to receive a Customer ID number (CID), which is required to check a deer this season.
  • Permit winners will be notified by e-mail (an e-mail address must be included with each application).
  • Applications require a nonrefundable $5 application fee per hunt type. Successful applicants no longer have to pay for permits after the drawing.
  • For assistance with permit application, call 833-345-0325.

Applying for WMA Deer Hunt Permits as a Group

  • Up to four members of a hunting party may apply together as a group for alternative firearms and modern gun permit hunts.
  • Applicants may only be in one hunt party per hunt type (alternative firearms and modern gun).
  • The group leader must complete their application before any other party members begin. The leader must fill out his or her application as though he or she were applying alone. Once he or she has completed their application and paid the normal $5 processing fee, the group leader can print their license with the permit application on it. The permit application has a unique “Party Number” the group leader will share with up to three other individuals.
  • Individuals entering a group application will need to click on the brown box that says “Join Controlled Hunt Group.” It will then prompt to he or she to enter the group leader’s last name as well as the group ID also known as the “Party Number.” They will then confirm the information and join the party.
  • When applications are drawn, all applicants in each group will either be successful or unsuccessful.

National Wildlife Refuge Hunt Permits

The AGFC does not administer permit hunts for national wildlife refuges in Arkansas. For information regarding those permit hunts, please visit their websites or call the following locations: