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Two Bayou Creek WMA

Zone County
633 Ouachita
2023-24 Closed Seasons
  • Alligator
  • Bear
  • Deer Modern Gun
  • Deer Muzzleloader
2023-24 Crow

Sept. 1, 2023-Feb. 19, 2024. Open Thursdays through Mondays only. No limit.

2023-24 Deer

Deer Archery: Sept. 23, 2023-Feb. 29, 2024
Deer Firearms: Closed
Deer Modern Gun Special Youth Hunts: Nov. 4-5, 2023 and Jan. 6-7, 2024

WMA Deer Bag Limit: Five deer, no more than two bucks, which may include:

  • Two bucks with archery,
  • Five does with archery.
  • Limit during the modern gun special youth hunt is five deer; two bucks (no antler restrictions) and up to five does.

Deer Notes:

  • Three-point rule.
  • No dogs. 
2023-24 Quail

Nov. 1, 2023-Feb. 5, 2024. Daily limit – 6, possession limit -12. 

2023-24 Rabbit

Sept. 1, 2023-Feb. 29, 2024. Daily limit – 8, possession limit – 16. 

2023-24 Squirrel

May 15, 2023-Feb. 29, 2024. Dogs allowed. Daily limit – 12, possession limit – 48. 

2024 Turkey

Youth Hunt: April 6-7, 2024. One legal turkey.
Firearms Hunt: April 15-May 5, 2024. One legal turkey.

About the Name

North Bayou and South Bayou run together to form Two Bayou which runs through the middle of the area, giving Two Bayou Creek WMA its name.

Area Notes
Area Type



No camping is allowed on this WMA.


Two Bayou Creek WMA is settled in two different areas along the Ouachita River and can be accessed through different parts of the river.

Hunting Opportunities

This WMA is a great place for hunting all types of game both big and small. Deer hunting is limited to bow only throughout the season, while gun hunting is available for turkey, squirrel, rabbit, quail and crow.

Management Practices

This area is being prepared for timber management.Several gas lines and power lines have been left as open areas for game to graze and use as highways from one scope of woods to another.





Recreation Other Than Hunting

Throughout out the year, many people enjoy hiking and bird watching. There are no ATV trails on the premises, so all travel must be done on foot.

Restaurants and Other Facilities

Woodês Place and the White House Cafe are great restaurants in nearby Camden. The McCullom Chidester house is another great place to visit in the Camden area that is rich in Arkansas history.


This WMA is surrounded by water and has Two Bayou running through its core, be aware that flooding is a possibility.

WMA Master Plan

View the master plan for this WMA.