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Weather-resistant game tags, AGFC app add more options to tag deer

BY Randy Zellers

ON 10-11-2017


Oct. 11, 2017

Randy Zellers

Assistant Chief of Communications

In response to many requests from hunters, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is supplying waterproof courtesy tags to regional offices and license vendors throughout the state to help hunters make the transition to the newly revised hunting license system.

“The durability of paper game tags has been one of the largest concerns hunters have voiced through social media and our vendors,” said Keith Stephens, chief of communications for the AGFC. “With the new system, hunters also can use tags from the book or make their own from any material they wish to tag their deer until it is checked, but some still feel a bit uncomfortable with the process.”

The courtesy tags are made of Tyvek®, a waterproof, fabric-like material, and are pre-punched with a reinforced hole to attach your game tag to the antler or ear of a deer. Hunters then have 24 hours to check their game after harvest. 

“With the new system, a person doesn’t even need to tag their deer in the field if they have a mobile phone and cell service,” Stephens said. “The tag is only needed until the deer is checked. After that, the only time a deer would need a tag is if it is being stored with others at a deer camp, processor or taxidermist, where the hunter who shot the deer is not readily available to identify it as his or hers.”

In addition to tags, hunters with smart phones can even ensure their deer harvest is digitally “tagged” despite a cell signal using the AGFC’s mobile app, available through both the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. 

“Thousands of hunters have used the AGFC mobile app to check their deer since it was introduced in 2010,” said Tony Davis, the AGFC’s chief information officer. “It’s convenient, and stores the information right on your phone. And it works to store your tagging information on the phone even if you don’t have service.”

Davis says even without a cell signal, users of the app can enter all their information just as though they were checking the deer. The app will then show a final screen, stating that the check-in is incomplete if it cannot reach a signal. As long as the deer and phone displaying this screen are within immediate possession of the hunter, the deer will be considered electronically “tagged” until the hunter again reaches a signal. 

“They need to remember to go back and hit ‘confirm,’ on the app as soon as they are within range of a signal and at least within 24 hours of harvest, then the animal will be officially checked and they will receive a confirmation number.”

Visit to locate a regional office near you to pick up a weatherproof tag, or visit your local license vendor.

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