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Tune in for a ‘WildTail’ on YouTube

BY Randy Zellers

ON 02-07-2024


BOGART, GEORGIA — The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, in partnership with the National Deer Association and the Southeast Deer Partnership, is proud to announce the release of “Wildtail: America’s Wildest Conservation Success Story,” a new documentary focused on the role of white-tailed deer to the economy and conservation community. The feature-length documentary, now available on YouTube,  takes viewers on the incredible journey of white-tailed deer from near extinction back to an ecological and economic hero of America’s native landscapes.

The video, which is narrated by country music star Dustin Lynch and features a host of wildlife biologists as well as Steve Rinella from MeatEater, debuted just before deer season last year and was available in limited screenings and through paid channels until last week. Now all nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts can watch the film for free.

“The white-tailed deer population is an incredible asset and supports economic development, outdoor recreation, and diverse ecosystems,” said Nick Pinizzotto, president and CEO of the National Deer Association. “The population recovery shown in “WildTail” is a testament to the power of conservation efforts and a call to action to protect our native wildlife for generations to come.”

The film was created in partnership with all Southeastern State Fish and Wildlife Agencies with the goal of educating hunters and non-hunters alike.

“Many Americans instinctively support regulated hunting, yet they may not fully understand the reasons behind it,” said Joe Clements, the film’s producer. “Our goal with this film was to bridge that knowledge gap. We aimed to create a cinematic experience that would resonate with viewers who enjoy dramas like Yellowstone, regardless of whether they personally hunt or fish.”

Watch WildTail on YouTube

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