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Nonresident hunters should check twice for new permits when renewing licenses

BY Randy Zellers

ON 07-19-2023


July 19, 2023

Randy Zellers

Assistant Chief of Communications

LITTLE ROCK — Every July, many Arkansas hunters make it a point to renew their hunting licenses to ensure they’re legal and ready for the next year of enjoying all The Natural State has to offer. This year, nonresidents also may have to purchase a few additional permits if they plan to engage in a few of the state’s calling card hunts.

Nonresident hunters will still be able to take a full limit of six white-tailed deer and enjoy small game hunting with the Nonresident Annual Hunting License as before, but additional permits, much like the Nonresident Arkansas Waterfowl Stamp, will be required for bear, turkey, elk and alligator beginning this year. Nonresident temporary licenses now only apply to either deer or small game, depending upon the license type. A nonresident wishing to pursue deer with dogs in Arkansas also will have to purchase a special permit. In addition to this, most existing nonresident licenses saw slight price increases.

Nonresident bear hunters will need a nonresident bear permit as well as an annual hunting license.
The nonresident license restructure is part of a change to bring Arkansas’s hunting licenses up to par with recent increases in inflation and license formats of neighboring states. According to market research, Arkansas’s nonresident license prices were near the bottom of the nation’s, especially for hunters pursuing some highly sought  species like turkey, bear, elk and alligator.

The new license and permit structure is as follows:

Fishing Licenses:

  • Nonresident Annual Fishing License – $60                 
  • Nonresident 3-Day Trip Fishing License – $30
  • Nonresident Guide License/Fishing – $500
  • Nonresident Trout Permit (must accompany valid fishing license) — $20 (no change)

Hunting Licenses:

  • Nonresident Annual Hunting License (includes up to six deer and small game) – $410
  • Nonresident 5-Day Hunting License (includes up to two deer) – $225
  • Nonresident 3-Day Deer Hunting License (includes one deer) – $175
  • Nonresident 1-Day Deer Hunting License (includes one deer) – $100
  • Nonresident Hunting Dog Permit (required to use dogs to hunt, chase or retrieve deer or to train a dog for such purposes)- $20
  • Nonresident Annual Small Game Hunting License – $110 (no change)
  • Nonresident 5-Day Small Game Hunting License – $80
  • Nonresident Trappers Permit – $125 (no change)
  • Nonresident Bear Permit (must accompany valid Nonresident Annual Hunting License) – $300
  • Nonresident Turkey Permit (must accompany valid Nonresident Annual Hunting License) – $100 each, limit two permits per year
  • Nonresident Elk Permit (must accompany valid Nonresident Annual Hunting License) – $300
  • Nonresident Alligator Permit (must accompany valid Nonresident Annual Hunting License) – $300
  • Arkansas Nonresident Waterfowl Stamp (must accompany any valid nonresident hunting license) – $50
  • Nonresident 5-Day WMA Waterfowl Hunting Permit (Must accompany any valid nonresident hunting license and Arkansas Nonresident Waterfowl Stamp) – $40

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