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Lifetime license options worth their weight in golden years

BY Randy Zellers

ON 07-24-2019


July 24, 2019

Randy Zellers

Assistant Chief of Communications

LITTLE ROCK — Even though Arkansans enjoy one of the lowest resident hunting and fishing license costs in the nation, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has a special present for everyone’s 65th birthday — one last license that will never expire. 

Resident 65-Plus lifetime licenses are offered for hunting, fishing or as a combination of both. All licenses cost the same as their annual counterpart:

  • Resident 65-Plus Hunting License – $25;
  • Resident 65-Plus Fishing License – $10.50; and
  • Resident 65-Plus Combination License – $35.50. 

AGFC Deputy Director Chris Colclasure says the 65-Plus Lifetime Licenses offer a way to remove barriers to the outdoors for hunters and anglers. 

“As people begin enjoying their golden years, they have to be mindful of added expenses,” Colclasure said. “We want them to continue hunting and angling, enjoying what they’ve always had available. Many people who may have stopped hunting or fishing and now also may have more time to enjoy the outdoors and we want to welcome them back.”

The 65-Plus Lifetime License is not all-inclusive. Hunters wishing to hunt doves, ducks and other migratory birds must still sign up for a free Harvest Information Program registration each year as part of federal requirements. Federal waterfowl stamps also must be purchased before duck hunting. For their state waterfowl stamp, however, 65-Plus Lifetime License holders may purchase a single 65-Plus Lifetime Waterfowl Permit (also at the standard annual rate of $7). 

Hunters using wildlife management areas still must sign up for a free WMA General Use Permit each year, and those interested in trapping must still hold a valid annual trappers permit, which also is free. 
“Both of those permits are used to gain information on how many people are using the state’s wildlife management areas and how many active trappers are in the state,” Colclasure said.

Anglers interested in trout fishing also must have a valid 65-Plus Lifetime Trout Permit, which costs $5, but will increase to $10 on Aug. 1, 2019.

Best of all, a person doesn’t even have to wait until their official “birthday” to get their 65-Plus License. These options become available to purchase at the beginning of the year in which a person will turn 65, so hunters and anglers who won’t reach that milestone until November or December can begin enjoying the benefits of this option for the whole year, and all the years to come. 

All 65-plus lifetime licenses are available at the AGFC Little Rock headquarters, all AGFC regional offices and AGFC nature centers. They also are available through the AGFC’s online license system at

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