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Hunting agreement reached between AGFC, Camp Robinson

BY agfc

ON 06-26-2019


June 26, 2019

LITTLE ROCK – The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and Arkansas National Guard recently revised their memorandum of understanding to continue hunting access at a portion of Camp Robinson in Pulaski County. The new agreement will reduce the amount of land accessible to hunters and anglers, but will still maintain a sizeable area within easy reach of central Arkansas. 

Many training areas have been closed to public access on a day-to-day basis during the last year based on training schedules and operations, but the new MOU will officially reduce the wildlife management area portion of the property from 19,648 acres to 9,319 acres. This size reduction also has reduced the number of deer hunting permits available during the annual draw permit hunts from 400 to 200 at Camp Robinson WMA.  

The new agreement, signed by Maj. Gen. Mark H. Berry, Arkansas’ adjutant general, and Pat Fitts, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission director, allows hunting in training areas 10, 11, 12 and 13 on the military installation. All other training areas will be off-limits for public hunting and fishing or related activities.

Camp Robinson’s primary mission is to train soldiers and airmen. As such, hunting, fishing and trapping must not interfere with Camp Robinson’s primary mission, according to the agreement. Camp Robinson has seen its training demands for range use expand in recent years, including use by its joint partners in the Navy Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve, and increased use by the Arkansas State Police, county and local law enforcement agencies.

“We strive to be good community partners, and this Memorandum of Understanding with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is the framework that structures our commitment to provide for hunter access when it doesn’t conflict with our primary mission,” Berry said. “We’re committed to being good stewards of taxpayer dollars, and we’re also committed to sound wildlife management principles in a safe hunting environment.”

AGFC is responsible for enforcing all state game and fish regulations, according to the agreement. Additionally, AGFC will provide technical advice concerning fish and wildlife population and habitat management. AGFC will also provide biological technical support to implement a fish and wildlife management program on Camp Robinson.

Both agencies will cooperate in restoration and management of fish and wildlife resources on Camp Robinson, according to the agreement. Equipment, personnel, supplies, facilities, and other resources that are available may be mutually shared.

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