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Help the AGFC track turkey hunting success

BY Randy Zellers

ON 03-22-2021


March 22, 2021

Randy Zellers

Assistant Chief of Communications

LITTLE ROCK — Hunters can help the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission track hunting effort and success throughout turkey season this spring by signing up to be a part of the annual Spring Gobbler Hunting Survey. It’s free to participate and your responses will help shape future wild turkey management in Arkansas.

The spring turkey hunting survey has been in place since 2007 to gather information on hunter activity, gobbling activity, turkey observations and hunting success throughout turkey season. Volunteers record data from each hunt and send the results to be analyzed at the end of the hunting season. Biologists then compile all the data to identify trends in hunter participation and satisfaction and provide a report for all hunters to compare notes.

Historically hunters recorded their information on paper survey forms and mailed the forms in at the conclusion of hunting season. With advances in mobile technology, the AGFC has transitioned to a new system using a smartphone app called Survey123. The new app makes it easier than ever before to record and submit your information at the conclusion of each hunt.

The latest round of warm weather has spurred many Arkansas turkey hunters to begin their scouting for this year’s longbeard, knowing it takes some legwork to be successful in the turkey woods. Jeremy Wood, Turkey Program Coordinator for the AGFC, says this scouting data is just as important to the survey as data recorded during hunting season.

“Monitoring hunter reports from throughout the state before and during the season really helps complete the picture of how turkeys respond to certain changes in temperature, weather and hunting pressure,” Wood said. “We can track trends in gobbling activity, flock breakup and other factors that influence turkey hunting and turkey reproduction.”

“We are conducting other surveys, such as brood surveys and telemetry studies that will look more in-depth into population characteristics, but this survey is designed around hunter participation, expectations and satisfaction,” Wood said.

youth and adult turkey hunter
Wood says an additional survey also is available for hunters to help the AGFC monitor turkey reproductive success. The Wild Turkey and Northern Bobwhite Quail Population Survey records sightings of hens with broods once they have hatched and are tending to their poults. It also tracks the nesting success of northern bobwhites as hunters and other outdoors enthusiasts happen upon quail hens with chicks.

“Hunters and outdoors enthusiasts are our largest partners in conservation, and we want to work with them every chance we get to benefit the wildlife they love,” Wood said.

Visit to participate in the Spring Gobbler Hunting Survey or the Wild Turkey and Northern Bobwhite Quail Population Survey. You may also contact Wood at or call 800-364-4263 to learn more about these surveys and other ways to help the AGFC keep tabs on Arkansas’s turkeys.

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