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Frog Bayou expansion receives praise from national partner

BY Randy Zellers

ON 11-22-2017


Nov. 22, 2017

Randy Zellers

Assistant Chief of Communications

With the acquisition of additional property on Frog Bayou Wildlife Management Area in Crawford County, a partnership between the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and the Trust for Public Lands nearly tripled the WMA’s size to accommodate more hunters in this already popular WMA. The work has garnered the attention of the Trust’s national website as well as local hunters and nature lovers.

The project is a direct effort to create more hunting opportunity, particularly waterfowl hunting opportunity, for Arkansans west of Little Rock. Many waterfowl hunters trek hundreds of miles across the state to visit Arkansas’s famous flooded timber, and recent issues with the popularity of duck hunting have left many hunters feeling cramped for space in some traditional locations. Creating new areas to duck hunt in other parts of the state and promoting those different habitats are ways the AGFC is working to help relieve some of the perceptions of overcrowding on public waterfowl areas in The Natural State.

Frog Bayou isn’t only a duck hunting destination, but a paradise for birders and other people who enjoy watching wildlife throughout the year. Many avid birders make regular trips there outside of duck season to enjoy viewing wetland species and migratory birds as they travel through Arkansas.

Learn more about the expansion and its impact on waterfowl enthusiasts at the Trust for Public Land’s blog article here:

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