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First waterfowl report for the 2023-24 season available online

BY Randy Zellers

ON 11-15-2023


LITTLE ROCK – Opening day of Arkansas’s 2023-24 duck season is Saturday, and the first report for habitat conditions on Arkansas Game and Fish Commission wildlife management areas is available to get the lowdown on prospective hunting areas.

Jim Harris, longtime sports reporter and editor for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, digs up the details each week of waterfowl season to give a preview of what hunters might expect as they head out to the marsh. In addition to habitat conditions and water levels on popular public duck-hunting areas throughout the state, readers will find some insight into how weather patterns coming to The Natural State may bring new waves of ducks or cause hunting conditions to stall. Wrapping up his report, Harris also offers some great updates on news duck hunters want to know most about.

“I reach out to all our biologists each week for an outlook on the habitat and what they see in terms of waterfowl numbers and migration,” Harris said. “You’ll also find me out in the field as well in central and eastern Arkansas, and other spots as well, trying to get the feel of how the season is going from other hunters and from my own experiences. We’ll also keep readers up to date on how weather and duck movement outside of Arkansas is affecting us in The Natural State.”

Although the report gives conditions as accurately as possible, there’s always a little time lag between the report and the next time some hunters may be able to hit the woods. Even with the most accurate information available, there’s still no substitute for on-the-ground knowledge gained by scouting.

The waterfowl report can be viewed online or emailed directly to you, so you can open it at your leisure. Visit to sign up for the report or view past versions at

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