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Beautiful Buffalo River Action Committee Launches Website

BY agfc

ON 11-08-2017


Nov. 8, 2017

The Beautiful Buffalo River Action Committee announced the launch of its website Monday. BBRAC created an independent website to share relevant information regarding the preservation of the Buffalo River as a state and national landmark. The website provides information about BBRAC, useful resources and engagement opportunities for the public.

The website features all BBRAC meeting materials, including presentations, video recordings, agendas and special reports. The website also provides upcoming meeting information and a means to submit questions, comments or presentation requests directly to BBRAC. The web address for the BBRAC website is

BBRAC was established by Gov. Asa Hutchinson in 2016 to develop an Arkansas-led, non-regulatory approach to identify opportunities to protect and support the vitality of the Buffalo River. BBRAC is composed of the Arkansas Department of Health, Arkansas Agriculture Department, Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism, Arkansas Natural Resources Commission, and Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and Arkansas Geographic Information Systems Office are BBRAC partners.  For more information, contact Kelly Robinson at or 501-682-0916.

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