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Barred owl swoops into view on 2024 conservation license plate 

BY Randy Zellers

ON 01-24-2024

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LITTLE ROCK — Precious few creatures of the night inspire as much awe in hunters and nonhunters alike as the barred owl. The rhythmic “Who cooks for you” cadence of this large nocturnal raptor is one of the most recognizable sounds of early spring mornings as the woods begin to awaken and the members of the night shift settle in for a day of sleep. Now, thanks to the true-to-life details captured in this year’s Conservation License Plate, motorists will see these fantastic feathered predators day and night on roads across The Natural State. 

This year’s plate was designed by Greta James, a talented illustrator and art director at the AGFC. James has inked each of the conservation license plates since the 2017 plate, which depicted a red fox.

Eric Maynard, interim chief of the AGFC’s Education Division, says an internal selection committee at the AGFC considers many featured species each year and tries to rotate selections through game and nongame animals as well as aquatic species to ensure all Arkansans have a species that represents their passion available for purchase.

“Just ask at your local revenue office to see what plates they have available from recent years,” Maynard said. “A black bear, long eared sunfish and northern pintail are a few of the options we’ve had recently that may still be in a few offices if they’re not sold out. I imagine this year’s barred owl plate will sell out quickly, though. Owls are popular with a lot of nature lovers, regardless of whether you hunt or just enjoy watching the woods outside your bedroom window.”  

AGFC conservation license plates are available for an additional $35 over the standard price of your car’s annual registration; $25 of that fee goes directly to the AGFC to fund internships, scholarships, education exhibits and other conservation education initiatives in the state. The program has generated more than $20.8 million for conservation education in Arkansas since its inception in 2000. In addition to the new plates coming out each year, many older plates are still on the roads thanks to the loyalty of many outdoors enthusiasts supporting their favorite game or nongame species. 

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