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Arkansas Wildlife Television kicks off with fast flying action, hurricane relief

BY Randy Zellers

ON 10-04-2017


Oct. 4, 2017

Randy Zellers

Assistant Chief of Communications

It’s only been a month since hunters had their first chance to dust off the shotguns and kick off the hunting season with a traditional dove hunt, and the Arkansas Wildlife Television crew was there to capture the season’s start. One of the crew also rode along and helped the AGFC’s Enforcement Division during its response to help victims of hurricanes Harvey and Irma and brought back some incredible footage from the effort. 

“It’s important to remind people about all the things that make up an Arkansas wildlife officer’s job,” said Trey Reid, Arkansas Wildlife host. “Too many people get caught up in all the rules and regulations that they forget just how passionate all the people at the AGFC are about helping spread our love of the outdoors and helping others in need. We hope this show sheds some light on that part of our jobs.”

In case you missed the premiere of the show’s third season, it is available with all previous episodes of the show on the Arkansas Wildlife YouTube Channel. Click below to watch it at home on your computer or even on your smartphone from the tree stand. 

Watch the Arkansas Wildlife Television Season 3 Premiere

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