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Arkansas Wildlife Rolls With the Changes

BY Jeff Williams

ON 09-01-2021


Sept. 1, 2021

Jeff Williams

Editor, Arkansas Wildlife Magazine

The September/October issue of Arkansas Wildlife magazine chronicles a watershed moment at the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission – a new director and a new commissioner have come aboard.

Patt Fitts, who became AGFC director in 2017, decided to step down June 30, which left the door open for Austin Booth, who moved into the job July 1.

Fitts spent almost 33 years at the agency – from driving a fish truck at age 16 to becoming a fisheries biologist, a wildlife officer and chief of the Enforcement Division.

Booth, who turned 35 Aug. 30, has felt the need to serve fellow Americans since he was in high school. He’s a Marine, a lawyer and a conservationist.

The new commissioner is Philip Tappan, managing partner of a firm that owns The Purple Cow Restaurant brand. As Tappan began his seven-year term July 1, Andrew Parker wrapped up his run as Commission chairman.

That’s just a start – the issue also includes news about the 2021 turkey harvest, the Arkansas Youth Shooting Sports Program championships, archery ranges across the state, the new quail stamp, upcoming elk and alligator hunting seasons, things to do on the St. Francis National Forest, plus entertaining and informative columns about cooking and photography.

Arkansas Wildlife is available by subscription for just $12 a year, which includes five bimonthly issues and the 13-month calendar issue full of wildlife photos each July. A two-year subscription is $20 and a three-year deal is $25. To keep up with your AGFC and the Arkansas outdoors, call 800-283-2664 or visit

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