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AGFC partner plans slate of events for pollinators

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ON 06-14-2023


June 14, 2023

LITTLE ROCK — Quail Forever, one of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s main partners in habitat restoration for upland birds and pollinators, has a slew of programs lined up for National Pollinator Week, June 19-25, that any conservation-minded person might be interested to attend.

Although many Arkansans may focus on the game bird that’s the namesake of the nonprofit organization, the most vital role Quail Forever plays in cooperation with the AGFC is providing high-quality wildlife habitat for an entire host of upland species, including some of the most overlooked hard-working critters in the outdoors: pollinators.

According to Nick Goforth, AGFC Wildlife Diversity Program coordinator, pollinators are much more than the bees and butterflies most people associate with the term.

“They include moths, beetles, flies, wasps, and birds as well,” Goforth said. “These animals not only provide flower and crop pollination, but they also are a vital part of the natural food chain. Subsequently, we rely on these pollinators for the health of our ecosystem and a sustainable food supply.

“Think of all the wildflowers that line your favorite walking trail or backroad,” Goforth said. “Think about the songbirds singing and feasting on insects and flower seed heads. Think about the grasses, seeds, berries and nuts that your favorite game species relies on. None of this would be possible without native pollinators.”

Moth on wildflower
With as much as pollinators do for us, they can’t do it alone and need our help. Pollinator species populations’ have been rapidly declining due to habitat loss and degradation, pesticide use and other factors.

The AGFC and QF asks everyone to use National Pollinator Week to consider what they can do to help these vital creatures in their everyday lives.

“The first step is to be informed about the various ways you can help,” Goforth said. “Plant native flowering plants in your flower beds, dedicate a section of your yard to create a native pollinator garden, reduce your use of insecticides and herbicides, and spread the word on why these creatures are so important.”

Of course, the best way to get started is to attend one of these fun special events planned for National Pollinator Week:

Moth on flower
June 21 — Prairie Walk and Scavenger Hunt
Cherokee and Flanagan prairies — Charleston
9-11 a.m.

Contact: Jessica Cox (

June 21 — Prairie Walk and Scavenger Hunt
Baker Prairie — Harrison

9-11 a.m.
Contact: Katrina Sims (

June 23 — Wildflower Walk
Hot Springs National Park — Hot Springs
10 a.m.
Contact: Bob Scott (

June 24 — Pollinator Workshop and Field Tour
Ben Geren Golf Course — Fort Smith
9 a.m.-2:30 p.m.
Contact: Jessica Cox (

June 24 — Pollinator Palooza
Camp Robinson Special Use Area — Mayflower
9 a.m.-1 p.m.
Contacts: Morgan Meador (, Leslie Cooper (

Visit  for times and details of each event.

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