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AGFC joins Arkansas Wireless Information Network

BY Randy Zellers

ON 08-23-2017


Aug. 23, 2017

Randy Zellers

Assistant Chief of Communications

Arkansas Game and Fish Commissioners attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the AGFC’s adoption of the Arkansas Wireless Information Network at last Wednesday’s Commission briefings at the H.C. “Red” Morris Training Center in Mayflower. The system will link up the AGFC’s radio room with other first-responders and public safety communications to be faster in response when their services are needed.

The new wireless communication system replaces the AGFC’s traditional radio towers, which have become outdated and, in many cases, in need of repair or replacement.

Maj. Jason Parker with the AGFC said the system not only offers more reliable communication, but eliminates the need for dispatchers to relay information.

“We can now provide our officers the ability to speak from one corner of the state to the other in real time,” Parker said. “There also is emergency safety technology installed into the units to protect our officers in the field if they become injured or are otherwise unable to speak.”

The AGFC’s adoption of the AWIN system was spearheaded by Commission Chairman Steve Cook, and has taken several years to complete.

“We are excited that the Commission recognized the need and provided us the opportunity to replace our old system and increase our operability among other agencies,” Parker said.

AGFC Chief of Staff Caroline Cone said it was fitting that Cook was honored with the opportunity to broadcast the first transmission from the AGFC to the AWIN system during the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

“This is a tremendous project,” Cone said. “Twenty-five thousands users, over 600 agencies and more than 56 million transmissions a year go through the AWIN system. And we have the ability to link with Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Missouri through the program, and officers can be located in the event of any emergency with the push of a special button on their radio.”

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