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AGFC fishing reports hook up anglers with the details

BY Randy Zellers

ON 02-12-2020


Feb. 12, 2020

Randy Zellers

Assistant Chief of Communications

White Bass
LITTLE ROCK ‑ Anglers looking to find the latest information on their local lakes and rivers need look no further than the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s website. The AGFC’s fishing report has been a staple in many newspapers and magazines for decades, helping people connect with their targets. It’s also available digitally through the AGFC’s website, email newsletters and social media channels.

Late winter offers some of the best opportunities to land a trophy-class bass, trout, walleye or crappie. The action isn’t always fast and furious, but anglers can find concentrations of fish as they school together and feed on shad in predictable locations. Add in the lack of crowds at the boat ramp and on the water and you have the potential for a good day on the water.

Kayak fishing on Cut-off Creek
But the lack of anglers on the water also means a lack of “dock talk” to point someone in the right direction at their favorite lake or river. The AGFC’s weekly fishing report can offer that nugget of knowledge to get anglers started on the right track. AGFC staff contact local bait shops, guides and other sources to find out the latest information on hot baits, water temperatures and other conditions anglers may want to know on more than 40 lakes throughout the state. The report also features the latest news from our Fisheries Division’s work on habitat projects, boat ramp renovations and many other improvements anglers can look forward to on their local lake. Best of all, this information is free for the asking. Just visit or the AGFC’s Facebook page each Wednesday for the latest link, or visit the AGFC’s newsletter signup page to have it emailed directly to your inbox and make sure you don’t miss a detail. 

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