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AGFC employee resigns over role in social media post

BY Keith Stephens

ON 11-11-2020


Nov. 11, 2020

Keith Stephens

Chief of Communications

LITTLE ROCK – An Arkansas Game and Fish Commission employee has resigned while the agency was investigating the employee’s role in posting inappropriate comments on a personal social media site.

AGFC Director Pat Fitts said the comments do not reflect the AGFC’s values and are counter to our efforts for inclusivity and diversity. “We take this issue seriously and have been investigating it vigorously since Monday,” Fitts said.

After discovering that the employee’s personal social media page had displayed offensive photos and comments, the AGFC immediately placed the employee on administrative leave and began an internal investigation Nov. 9. The employee subsequently resigned from the AGFC while the investigation was underway.

The Commission is committed to conserving the state’s fish and wildlife for the benefit of everyone and condemns any form of harassment or disparagement based on race, gender, religion, national origin, age or disability.

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