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AGFC accepting applications for wildlife officers

BY agfc

ON 09-16-2020


Sept. 16, 2020

LITTLE ROCK – Looking for the opportunity to work in specialized fields of law enforcement and have the outdoors as your office? The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission could be just the place for you.

The AGFC is taking applications for its next class of wildlife officer cadets. Applications will be accepted until Oct. 9, 2020. Wildlife officer training with firearms

Becoming a wildlife officer is much more than just checking hunting and fishing licenses. Wildlife officers are the face of the AGFC in many communities. They respond to calls for help during natural disasters, search-and-rescue efforts and even assist other agencies in manhunts, drug enforcement and other high-profile law enforcement activities. Top that off with their undying devotion to teaching the next generation about the wonders of the outdoors and passing on our hunting heritage and you begin to see exactly what today’s wildlife officer looks like.

Competition is strong for these jobs, and applicants may come from many backgrounds. State troopers, former Sheriffs, former military police and many other law enforcement professionals apply each year. Many professionals from other backgrounds, such as firemen, EMTs and wildlife biologists are regularly interviewed during cadet position openings as their skills are valuable to the daily interactions a wildlife officer may have. 

Visit to learn more about the duties and life of an AGFC wildlife officer.

Visit for a list of requirements, preferred skills and abilities and an electronic application form.

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