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90-year old Parten boasts two decades of Triple Trophy awards

BY Randy Zellers

ON 01-18-2024


LITTLE ROCK — For most hunters, claiming a deer with archery tackle, a muzzleloader and modern gun is quite the accomplishment. To accomplish all three in the same year is the mark of a truly dedicated deer hunter. Charleen Parten of Marianna, who recently celebrated her 90th birthday, has managed this feat not once but 20 times in her hunting career.

Parten’s grandson Daniel submitted several images to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to show off the skills his grandmother has used over the years to not only put food on the table, but also to set the standard for some of the younger hunters in the family to follow.

According to the deer camp wall where her Triple Trophy certificates are lined up, Parten earned her first Triple Trophy during the 1992-93 deer season, when the total deer harvest for the state was about 122,000. She followed it up two years after that and a few years later before going on a tear of five years in a row from 1999-2004 and an even more impressive nine-year streak from 2009-2018. While records can’t confirm Parten has the most Triple Trophy awards for any hunter or female, her accomplishment is still definitely worthy of a nod from the AGFC.

“I tell all my friends that this little lady has more deer harvests under her belt than a lot of the folks you see out there giving lessons and making videos,” Parten’s grandson said. “She didn’t get a Triple Trophy this season due to a broken arm, but maybe next deer season she’ll be back at it.”

Parten says his grandfather Lowell Parten was always by Charleen’s side at hunting camp.

“He was actually the one who would submit her name for the Triple Trophy awards,” Parten said. “He was probably even more proud of her accomplishments in the woods than his own.”

The Arkansas Triple Trophy Award was created in 1984 to promote archery and muzzleloader seasons in the state and begin to shift public perception toward harvesting female deer. At one point, deer populations in the state had grown so thin that harvesting does was strictly prohibited. As deer populations recovered, managers recognized the need to shoot a balanced number of does and bucks to maintain healthy herds in line with the habitat.

Anyone who has successfully harvested a deer with modern gun, muzzleloader and archery tackle in the same season qualifies for the award. The deer may be taken during any season open for that weapon type, so your archery deer may be taken during modern gun, muzzleloader or archery season and your muzzleloader deer may be taken during modern gun or muzzleloader season. Applications must be received by April 10, 2024, at If your application is approved, you’ll receive a special patch and certificate to commemorate your achievement.

Visit for more information about the Triple Trophy Award and how to apply this deer season.

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