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Beryl Anthony Lower Ouachita WMA

Zone: 025

Counties: Ashley, Union

2019-20 Closed Seasons
  • Bear
  • Alligator
2019-20 Crow

Sept. 1, 2019-Feb. 21, 2020. Open Thursdays through Mondays. No limit.

2019-20 Deer

Deer Archery: Sept. 28, 2019-Feb. 29, 2020.
Deer Muzzleloader: Oct. 19-27 and Dec. 29-31, 2019.
Deer Modern Gun: Nov. 9-Dec. 15 and Dec. 26-28, 2019.
Deer Modern Gun Special Youth Hunt: Nov. 2-3, 2019 and Jan. 4-5, 2020.

WMA Deer Bag Limit: Six deer, no more than two bucks, which may include:

  • Two bucks with archery, muzzleloader or modern gun,
  • Six does with archery, muzzleloader and modern gun combined.
  • During youth hunt, youths may take six deer, no more than two bucks (no antler restrictions) or up to six does.

Deer Notes:

  • Three-point rule.
  • No dogs.
2019-20 Quail

Nov. 1, 2019-Feb. 3, 2020. Daily limit - 6, possession limit -12. Bird dogs allowed.

2019-20 Rabbit

Sept. 1, 2019-Feb. 29, 2020. Daily limit - 8, possession limit - 16. Dogs allowed except during firearms deer hunts.

2019-20 Squirrel

May 15, 2019-Feb. 29, 2020. Dogs allowed except during firearms deer hunts. Daily limit - 12, possession limit - 48.

2019-20 Waterfowl
  • Click here for Statewide Waterfowl Regulations.
  • It is unlawful to use any device that simulates wing movement or movement of any kind through electrical or mechanical means, except jerk strings.
  • Waterfowl hunting ends at noon and all waterfowl hunting equipment (blinds, guns, decoys, etc.) must be removed by 1 p.m. each day. Fishing and non-hunting activities allowed.
  • Nonresidents need a 5-day Nonresident WMA Waterfowl Hunting Permit (NW5) to hunt waterfowl on this WMA. The permit costs $30.50 and is valid only Nov. 23-Dec.2, Dec. 27-Jan. 5 and Jan. 22-Jan. 31.
  • See Area Notes for Access Regulations.
2019 Turkey

Youth Hunt: April 6-7, 2019. One legal turkey.
Firearms Hunt: April 8-10, 2019. One legal turkey, no jakes. (Youths may take one jake as part of their statewide seasonal limit).

Turkey Notes: A WMA Turkey Hunt Permit is required to hunt turkeys on this WMA. Click here for details.

About the Name

The area was named after a former AGFC commissioner who assisted with acquisition of the area. Before it was renamed, this area was known as Lower Ouachita WMA.


There are two access roads on the Union County side of the WMA. One road exists along the west side of the river. The other road coming off First Street on the west side of the WMA is seasonally gated when the WMA is flooded.


The AGFC purchased the land in 1987.


Currently, two designated primitive campsites exist along the access road on the west side of the river.


The Beryl Anthony WMA comprises seasonally flooded bottomland hardwoods. A few pine ridges and prairie remnants also occur on the area.

Hunting Opportunities

The area provides excellent waterfowl hunting opportunities when the Ouachita River floods. Deer and squirrel hunting is fair to good.


The area is 15 miles west of Crossett between Felsenthal National Wildlife Refuge in Arkansas and Upper Ouachita National Wildlife Refuge in Louisiana.

Management Practices

Management goals for this area are to sustain bottomland hardwood habitat by protecting the existing young hardwood forest from disease and year-round flooding caused by beavers.

  • Hunters may not enter the hunting area before 4 a.m. (excluding the Ouachita River).
  • Only Arkansas-approved non-toxic shot may be possessed and used while hunting small game with shotguns.
  • Airboats may not be operated within Beryl-Anthony Lower Ouachita WMA (excluding the Ouachita River) during duck season.

This 7,020-acre area is owned by the AGFC. It includes Coffee Prairie Natural Area, which belongs to the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission.




The area was purchased in order to provide hunting fishing, and other outdoor recreational activities in south Arkansas.

Recreation Other Than Hunting

The Ouachita River, oxbows and sloughs provide excellent fishing opportunities.

Restaurants and Other Facilities

Nearest towns are Huttig, Crossett and El Dorado.


Care should be taken when driving along the access road. There are a couple of places where it gets very near the high bank of the Ouachita River. Care should also be taken when the area becomes flooded.

WMA Master Plan

View this AGFC-owned WMA's master plan for operations details.

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