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Commission approves construction; recognizes excellence in AGFC employees

Feb. 17, 2022

LITTLE ROCK — The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission approved just over $2 million in capital construction projects spread throughout Arkansas at today’s regularly scheduled meeting in Little Rock. These projects will be funded from within the existing budget for Fiscal Year 2022 and range in size from fishing pier construction to hydrology studies for infrastructure renovation of George H. Dunklin Jr. Bayou Meto Wildlife Management Area.

Parker’s subtle style influenced Commission

June 30, 2021

Andrew Parker says his style as an Arkansas Game and Fish Commissioner during the last seven years was more like a counselor, gently bending an ear and offering suggestions to the chairman at that time or other commissioners.

Watch flightlines when scouting WMAs for ducks

Jan. 9, 2019

LITTLE ROCK — It may sound simple enough to the everyday WMA waterfowl hunter, but to the newcomer or the not-so-veteran waterfowler using public land, scouting the area for ducks is best accomplished by watching how groups of ducks are flying from a resting area, according to Luke Naylor, the AGFC's waterfowl program coordinator.