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May 19, 2021

Randy Zellers Assistant Chief of Communications

MAYFLOWER -- The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is issuing an advisory to property owners in the watershed of Craig D. Campbell Lake Conway Reservoir to prepare for the potential of a flood event.

Significant rainfall has accrued within the watershed of Lake Conway during the last 48 hours. The ground is completely saturated and significant rain runoff is increasing the lake's water level. The AGFC has opened all spillway gates and the lake is discharging water at maximum capacity. At 10:30 a.m., Lake Conway's water level was 2 feet above normal pool and rising at 1/2 inch per hour. The Flood Stage for Lake Conway is three feet above normal pool (266.0 ft. MSL). The rate of rise is slowing, however if an inch or more rain falls over the lake in the next 24 hours, it could cause the lake to rise at or above flood stage. Please be aware of future rainfall and the potential for flooding of private property adjoining Lake Conway over the next 24 hours. The link to the USGS Gauge at Lake Conway is available at:,00060