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May 22, 2019

LITTLE ROCK — With hunting licenses expiring June 30, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission wants to remind everyone that there’s a way to renew both your fishing and hunting privileges for the year with one easy click. The Combination Resident Sportsman’s License wraps all of a person’s hunting and fishing access in one simple purchase.

The Combination Resident Sportsman’s License entitles the holder to the following:

  • Hunt all game species using a modern gun, muzzleloader or archery
  • Six deer tags and two turkey tags 
  • Fish the waters of the state with sport fishing tackle (A Resident Trout Permit also must be purchased  to retain trout or to fish in certain water)

Once you purchase the combination license, both hunting and fishing license privileges will use the same expiration date.  Purchasing the combination license makes it easy to remember when to renew each year.  

Visit to buy your Combination Resident Sportsman’s License today.