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June 7, 2017

Randy Zellers Assistant Chief of Communications

Regular readers of Arkansas Outdoors will notice a new name and new look to the newsletter, which has provided conservation information and updates about the actions of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission for decades. Arkansas Outdoors will now be delivered under the name Arkansas Wildlife Weekly, to complement the branding of the AGFC’s award-winning magazine and television show. 

“The hope is to increase traffic to all three avenues for information about the Commission,” said Keith Stephens, AGFC chief of communications. “People who like the show, may not know the newsletter or magazine exist, and vice-versa. With the name change, we can promote the entire brand to increase awareness about the products and, ultimately, the great things the agency is doing to provide and promote hunting and angling opportunities in Arkansas.” 

In addition to the name change, the newsletter also will receive a more mobile-friendly appearance. The emailed portion of the newsletter will redirect users to each article’s home on 

Originally intended solely as a press release package for news media around the state, Arkansas Outdoors has grown in popularity with the general public, and has become one of the AGFC’s primary means of communication to tens of thousands of subscribers each week. Visit to sign up for the newsletters or view them online.