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Beaver Tailwater (White River)
Beaver Lake Tailwater

Beaver Dam is on the White River in Carroll County. The dam was built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for flood control and hydroelectric power generation and was the last project to be constructed on the White River. Commercial power generation began in May 1965, although the project was not officially completed until 1966. The resulting tailwater flows about 7.5 miles through northwest Arkansas before entering Table Rock Lake. Coldwater releases from Beaver Dam created habitat that was less suitable for native sport fish. Trout stockings began in 1966 to mitigate the loss.

Management Plan
In 2005, the AGFC Trout Management Program developed a comprehensive management plan for the tailwater. The plan was established specific goals and objectives, which guide the management of the fishery. Intensive public involvement was central to the plan to ensure the desires and expectations of the angling public were embodied. The plan was revisited in 2011 to determine if management objectives were met and ensure plan goals were still in line with public values and interests. The current management plan is effective for 2012-2017, and the Trout Management Program intends to revist the plan again at the end of this five-year cyle.

BeaverTailwaterManagementPlan.pngBeaver Tailwater Management Plan 2012-2017 2016_2017_BeaverCreelSurvey-1.png2016-2017 Creel Survey Beaver Lake Tailwater MapMap of Beaver Lake Tailwater (Click to download a printable version)