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AGFC Directors

Austin Booth, Director
Austin Booth
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Chris Racey, Deputy Director
Chris Racey
Chief of Staff
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Roger Mangham, Deputy Director
Roger Mangham
Deputy Director
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Spencer Griffith, Deputy Director
Spencer Griffith
Deputy Director
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Position Vacant, Deputy Director

    Deputy Director


AGFC Central Office and Staff

Name Phone
Main Office
2 Natural Resources Drive, Little Rock, AR 72205
800-364-4263 Toll Free
Director Austin Booth 501-223-6432
Chief of Staff Chris Racey 501-978-7336
Deputy Director Roger Mangham 501-223-6479
Deputy Director Spencer Griffith 479-252-1986
Deputy Director (Position Vacant) 501-223-6306


 Name Phone
Stop Poaching Hotline 800-482-9262 Toll Free
Report a Boating Accident 501-470-0744
Wildlife Management Information 800-440-1477
Family and Community Fishing Program 866-540-3474 Toll Free
Arkansas Lake Levels 501-324-5100
Arkansas River Levels 501-324-5150

AGFC Divisions

Name Phone
Administration 501-223-6305
Communications 501-223-6351
Education 501-223-6377
Enforcement 501-223-6381
Environmental Coordination 501-223-6356
Fiscal 501-223-6340
Fisheries 501-223-6428
GIS 501-223-6326
Human Resources 501-223-6317
Information Technology 501-223-6400
Legal Counsel 501-223-6327
Operations 501-223-6312
Research 501-223-6366
Wildlife Management 501-223-6359


 Name Phone
Arkansas Wildlife Magazine 800-283-2664 Toll-Free
Arkansas Outdoors Weekly E-Newsletter 501-223-6342

Other Numbers

 Name Phone
Deer, Turkey or Elk Permits 501-223-6440 | Office Hours Only
Boating Education Classes 877-493-6424 Toll Free | Office Hours Only
Triple Trophy Program 501-223-6351 | Office Hours Only
Arkansas Game and Fish Foundation 501-223-6468 | Office Hours Only
Hunter Education Classes 800-482-5795 Toll Free | Office Hours Only
Replace a Lost Hunter Education Card 800-830-2268 Toll Free | 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or
Buy a License 800-364-4263 Toll Free | Office Hours Only,
or 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Replace a Lost License 800-364-4263 Toll Free | Office Hours Only
Game Checking 877-731-5627 Toll Free | 24 hours a day, 7 days a week