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Learn to burn with the AGFC at prescribed fire workshops

BY Randy Zellers

ON 03-21-2018


March 21, 2018

Randy Zellers

Assistant Chief of Communications

LITTLE ROCK – Landowners can learn proper and safe use of prescribed fire for improving wildlife habitat through a series of free workshops sponsored by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s Private Lands Section.

Workshops are planned for Pocahontas, Hot Springs and Boonville, with the first set for March 22. All workshops are scheduled for 10 a.m.-2:30 p.m., and lunch will be provided. 

According to Ted Zawislak, AGFC statewide private lands supervisor, fire is the most cost-effective method for restoring and maintaining upland habitats. Properly managed habitat using proper burning methods can increase available high-quality food and cover for game animals at a level twice that of planting food plots and a much-reduced cost.

Throughout human history, fire has been used to shape the landscape. Upland forests and fields in Arkansas have a long history with fire. American Indians used fire to maintain prairies and reduce overgrowth.

Fire is still a driving force for improving wildlife habitat by encouraging germination of beneficial plants, controlling undesirable plants and opening forests to allow growth of grasses in the understory. Deer, turkey, quail and many nongame species benefit from and thrive on habitats maintained by fire. Frequent, small-scale, controlled fires also reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires by reducing the amount of fuel available to burn.

“These workshops are available to all who are interested in learning about using prescribed fire on private property,” Zawislak said. “We will cover planning, fire strategy and equipment, fire weather, property safety considerations, Arkansas fire laws and more to provide landowners with the necessary tools needed to use fire on small areas of their property.” 

For more information, contact Clint Johnson at or call (877) 470-3650. 

Visit the following links to enroll at the workshop of your choosing:

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