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ADEQ issues harmful algal bloom advisory for Bois D’arc Lake

BY Dylan Hann

ON 06-04-2024


HOPE — The Arkansas Department of Energy and Environment’s (E&E) Division of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has issued a Harmful Algal Bloom Advisory for Bois D’arc Lake in Hempstead County.

The public is advised to avoid contact with the lake in the affected area. Cyanobacteria (the organism making up a harmful algal bloom) have been visually confirmed and supported by preliminary testing. Harmful algal blooms may produce toxic substances which could result in headaches, weakness, shortness of breath, muscle spasms, and gastrointestinal illnesses.

Be especially cautious of exposure in children, pets, and livestock. Wash animals off with clean tap water if exposure occurs and avoid letting them ingest toxins when cleaning their coats. DEQ is monitoring the water quality and will lift the advisory when the bloom dissipates.

If you suspect a harmful algal bloom, avoid contact with the water and report it. Contact DEQ at or call 501.682.0744. More information can be found on DEQ’s website.

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